NORTH SHORE – 81 Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) throughout North Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor are sharing $615,480 in funding from the provincial government. Funding is delivered through the Community Gaming Grant program and will go toward supporting extracurricular activities.

This funding is intended to help students with opportunities such as educational field trips and travel; yearbooks; graduation ceremonies; sports and playground equipment; and uniforms for sports teams, bands or other student groups.

In addition, the District Parent Advisory Committees (DPAC) for School Districts 44, 45 and 48 have received $2,500 each to support activities that advance parental involvement and support effective communication between schools, parents, students and the community.

Local PACs receive $20 per student while DPACs receive a flat rate of $2,500. This year, 1,470 PACs and 49 DPACs throughout the province will receive more than $11.8 million in grants. The grants are delivered directly to PACs and DPACs. Funds must remain under their management and cannot be transferred to schools or used for curricular activities.

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