NORTH SHORE – The North Shore is receiving $2,024,918 in Strategic Community Investment Fund (SCIF) grants from the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program. Communities receiving funding are:

  • North Vancouver (City): $574,406
  • North Vancouver (District): $775,164
  • West Vancouver: $675,348

Why this matters:

  • With this installment, we have now invested over $975 million in the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program and Small Community Regional District Grants since 2001.
  • SCIF grants allow communities to invest in their own priority projects.
  • The Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program helps municipalities that directly pay for police enforcement costs. The grants come from ticket fines and court-imposed fines on violation tickets, and the amount of money a municipality receives is based on its contribution to total municipal policing costs.
  • This money will provide additional funding for local policing services and crime prevention programs.


“My family and friends live and work on the North Shore. So, I am glad that the Province is making this significant investment to increase safety in our neighbourhoods.”

–          North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Naomi Yamamoto

“I am pleased that 100 per cent of traffic fines are returned to local communities for improvements in public safety.”

–          West Vancouver-Sea to Sky MLA Joan McIntyre

“This investment in crime prevention initiatives will certainly help keep crime off our streets.”

–          West-Vancouver-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan

Additional information:

  • Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program funds come from fines on violation tickets.
  • Learn more about B.C. local governments: