NORTH VANCOUVER- Many young people have a better grasp of technology than their parents, so how do we keep them safe online? North Vancouver-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite, Parliamentary Secretary for Student Support and Parent Engagement, is launching a new video for students and parents to help them better understand the implications of online activities.

With a goal of creating an educational piece that could be shared with school districts across the province, she joined social media expert Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality at a presentation to students at Sherwood Park elementary School in her riding of North Vancouver-Seymour.

“Issues of online safety and cyber-bullying have been on my radar as an MLA, but they first came to my attention in my role as a parent,” says Thornthwaite. “My goal in creating this video is to give students and parents the tools they need to be good digital citizens.”

“While parents sometimes struggle with technological know-how, kids don’t have the life experience to make the best decisions online,” says Miller. “The goal is to bridge that gap and open up the lines of dialogue, before an online incident gets out of hand.”

“Technology can have many positive uses in the classroom, and we pursue these opportunities at Sherwood Park Elementary,” says Principal Joe Campbell. “While we educate kids on how to develop those technical skills, we also want them to have empathy and be the same people online as they are in real life.”

It’s hoped the video will help reduce incidents of cyber-bullying, identity theft, and other online experiences that compromise the safety and well-being of B.C.’s young people.

You can access the video in Jane’s video gallery.