NORTH VANCOUVER – Seven North Vancouver artists are receiving grants from the BC Arts Council totalling $58,700. These grants range from media arts awards to scholarships, and will go toward professional development, early career development and touring initiatives in the performing arts and studio arts fields.

Grant Recipients: 

  • Linda Ohama – $23,000 media arts award for her feature-length documentary Newmoon over Tohoku
  • Abbey Tex Johnson – $5,950 scholarship award
  • Jenna Cristina Burgess – $5,900 scholarship award
  • Sina Ettehad – $5,900 scholarship award
  • Kara Chan – $6,000 scholarship award
  • Nicole Linaksita – $5,950 scholarship award
  • Samara Rittinger – $6,000 scholarship award

The seven awards are among 257 grants worth a combined $2.58 million that are being distributed to artists and arts organizations province-wide as part of the latest round of successful BC Arts Council grant adjudications.

The funding is part of a record $24 million provided to the BC Arts Council by the provincial government to support B.C.’s arts and culture sector in this fiscal year.

Recipients were chosen after the BC Arts Council’s independent peer-review process took place this past summer.

To apply for future grants, please visit the BC Arts Council’s website: